With Halloween just around the corner here are our top five pumpkin activities:

1.       PRINTING

 We used orange and green paint as well as halved apples and potatoes to make pumpkin inspired pictures.


Scrubbing muddy pumpkins with scrubbing brushes is good for fine motor skills plus everyone loves water play. We threw all our pumpkins in the kitchen sink and both kids enjoyed scrubbing them clean.Using tools like scoops and spoons is good practise for pre-schoolers and feeling the contents is both sensory but also develops rich language.

3.           PLAY DOUGH

Use orange playdough and pipe cleaners to make your own pumpkins. Great fine motor skills practise rolling and balling the dough as well as counting skills.

4.       BOWLING

Improve gross motor skills with some pumpkin bowling using the pumpkin instead of a ball. You can use a skittle set if you own one or some used plastic bottles do the trick too.

5.       HAMMERING

Saving the best until last…hammering tees into pumpkins to build hand strength and practise using one handed tools.