My two are beside themselves when it comes to Halloween and we love to do craft activities in the lead up to the big day as well as enjoy festivities on the day itself.

Spider Crafts

My eldest has a fear for spiders (even the plastic ones) but loves to make spiders webs. We dribble glue by holding a loaded glue spreader high in the air over the paper and dribbling it. We then shake glitter or coloured sand on the top to create spidery webs. My daughter loves to use these to sing Incy Wincy Spider.

Turning Daddies into Mummies

The children love this game and the daddies dread it but nevertheless we always play it. All you need is two daddies, a roll of toilet paper and a timer. The children wrap the daddies up in a given time and then decide which daddy is the best mummy!!

Halloween Inspired lunchbox

Preschool and, this year, school falls on 31st October so I try and give the lunch box a Halloween flavour. Monster sandwiches with raisin eyes and marshmallow teeth, icing ghosts added to raisins and spiders hidden in witches eyes (AKA grapes). I also added orange ice cubes and drew little faces on to resemble pumpkins.

Halloween Playdough

A really simple activity – add a range of Halloween bits (I added mini pumpkins, plastic spiders and skeletons) as well as orange, yellow, white and black playdough and let them explore and use their imaginations to create.