I first heard about book advent calendars last year in the middle of the Christmas period.  Too late last year so I thought I would do one this year and it would be easy…or not!


A book advent calendar is basically choosing either 12 or 24 books, wrapping them up and opening one on each day of advent – simple, or am I really over thinking this?


There are bits of advice out there if you google and even companies who will do it for you, but where is the fun in that! It can also work out to be pretty expensive if you are not careful.  There were plenty of pictures that showed me how wonderful it looked afterwards, but not much else.  Confused? Yes me too hence the reason for this blog.  Here are my top tips for creating a fun and relatively cheap book advent calendar.


1.       Why am I doing this?

For me it’s a lovely way to make reading and sharing books exciting. Discovering what book is on what day could lead to a treat for all the family and provide talking points.  If like us you have a reader who just wants to read his favourites books all the time then this is a great way to introduce new things.


2.       They don’t have to be new books.

Absolutely not.  You have probably have loads of books sitting on your shelf that your child hasn’t read for ages.  Wrap them up and it will be like rediscovering a forgotten book and perhaps become more special the second time around. If you have books from your own childhood why not wrap them up too.  Chances are they will provide a few giggles.


3.       They don’t all have to be Christmas themed.

It might be a good game to work out if the book is going to have a Christmas theme or not that day.  You might find that the book isn’t, but you would be amazed how far you can stretch the theme for instance so many books have snow in them or it might be a book about different types of tree or giving to others etc.


4.       Use your library.

Select a few books from your local library and wrap those up so you don’t have to buy a lot.  Do make sure though that you wrap these up and use in the first week incase you have to return them or forget to renew them.


5.       New books.

It is nice to have a few new books in there as a surprise.  Look out for deals online as there are lots of three for two offers or check out discount book stores.


6.       Wrapping.

Whether you use wrapping paper or not is up to you.  I quite like using brown parcel paper as it makes what’s inside seem more interesting and we can focus on the size and shape.  I am also going to use large tags with big numbers on so that we can practice those at the same time.


7.       Your own theme.

Your child might be developing an interest in a particular theme in their books.  For us at the moment it’s monsters, but will a certain Moz monster feature in our calendar? Well that remains to be seen! Have fun.