Fine Motor Skills ADVENT Challenge.

Last year we had such fun doing a different Christmas themed fine motor skills activity every day in December. This was a twist on the traditional Advent calendar but it went down brilliantly in our house, got us in the festive mood and improved the children’s fine motor skill in the process. This year we will be doing it again and we are hoping that you will join us too. So check out our Facebook and Instagram posts and tag us in your activities. To give you a flavour of some of the activities we did here is a roundup of my favourites:

SNOW – Melting Snowmen

I squirted whipped cream into a tray and the children attempted to make their own snowmen. We then added currants, sticks and pompoms for buttons and eyes.

THREADING – Button Tree

All you need for this is a cork, a cocktail stick and a variety of green buttons. Poke the cocktail stick into the cork (which is the trunk of the tree) then invite your child to thread the buttons on. We added a foam sticky star on top too.


We made our own cookies and the children enjoyed pouring the ingredients, mixing them together and then carefully rolling them out. We used Christmas cutters to make the biscuits and decorated them with icing and Christmas sweeties.


We used Father Christmas pegs and simply pegged them onto cards and pipe cleaners. This one is great for finger strength and super easy if you don’t have that much time.


I love this activity as the whole house is filled with wonderful Christmas smells. Simple poke the cloves into the orange. We then displayed them in a bowl in the centre of the dining room table.


We love to make a Christmas cake in our house but aren’t organised enough to make it months before so we opt for a light sponge recipe that can be made in December. The children loved chopping the dried fruits using knives and mixing the cake mixture.


Another simple one, I added a range of Christmas items into a large foil tray and added tweezers, scoops and spoons so the children can explore themselves. We included: jingle bells , sparkly stars and red and green pompoms but you could also add tinsel, Christmas novelty erasers or small baubles.


We love to make our own decorations each year and salt dough is just perfect. The children helped make the mixture and then built their arm strength rolling and cutting the dough. Once dry we decorated them with paint and glitter.



We bought glittery pompoms on sticks and I printed an image of a Christmas tree which I stuck onto a shoe box. The children then poked the pompom sticks into the Christmas tree picture and decorated the tree. This really got those fingers working.


One of our final activities we to decorate the gingerbread house. I must admit I bought a premade house but the children build their hand strength squeezing the icing and picking up the small sweeties to decorate it.

This year I will have a list of the activities – which I will post on Facebook (  and Instagram (@soundsrightkids) that we plan to do each day so join us having fun and building hand strength which is so important for writing.