I LOVE Christmas so this week I thought I’d share with you my top 5 Christmas Traditions that really get me in the mood for Christmas:


1.       The Tree

We opt for a real tree and make a family occasion of it and head to the Christmas tree farm to choose our own. Then we all help to decorate it while the Christmas tunes are blaring. I am not super fussy about what it looks like so happy for the children to get stuck in putting decorations wherever they choose. We haven’t put ours up yet but the eldest asks every day if we can.


2.       The Christmas Clothing


Nothing shouts Christmas more than the clothing: the festive jumpers are worn in our house from 1st December along with Christmas PJs and my favourite item of all: The Christmas headband. Over the years, especially when I was a teacher, I collected quite a range which come out for the whole of December.  


3.       Christmas Food.

We love to bake and around Christmas time we enjoy baking our own Christmas cake, mince pies and cookies as well as decorating Gingerbread House. I even ‘Christmas’ up the kids’ lunch boxes.


4.       Theatre

I love a theatre trip around Christmas and is seems especially magical. This season I have watched the Nativity the Musical which was sooo good. A real festive treat. In previous years we have watched Raymond Brigg’s Father Christmas at Lyric Hammersmith. This is a delight and I’ve been lucky enough to watch it twice. Perfect for under 6 and tickets are a bargain at just £10 each. We always try and watch a pantomime or two although it seems to have become a tradition for the Grandparents to take the children to watch the panto. The children usually go the Civic, Chelmsford – this year they will be enjoying Jack and the Beanstalk as well as the pantomime at the Lyceum in Sheffield. We also went to see the panto at the Palladium last year which was sensational. This year we are going to watch The Gruffalo’s Child which I have heard great reviews about.

5.       The Nativity

Obviously an important part of the Christmas calendar but who doesn’t love watching their little one in a Nativity show? As a teacher putting a Nativity play on can be super stressful as Christmas isn’t always the calmest time of year. However, last year I got to experience a Nativity, with my child in it, for the first time and it was super lovely. Next week we will be watching him again and I know that will certainly get me totally in the mood for Christmas.