Some people have to wait their entire lives to meet their favourite player…I raised mine.

For as long as I can remember my weekends have been lost to the beautiful game that is football. Being a mum of two footballing boys now aged 13 and 10 and the wife of a football mad husband there is no escaping it even if I wanted to! But luckily for them I actually enjoy it - as hard as it is sometimes to enjoy spectating in the great British weather.

I’m very use to being up and out early for school but something strange happens at the weekend – things go in slow motion, well when I say things I mean the kids….ok, I mostly mean ME!!!


A typical weekend for this time of year:

SATURDAY: Wake up the boys for breakfast with the compromise that if they are washed and dressed in their kits BEFORE coming downstairs then they may play on their computer. We have to leave for training at 8:45am. I prepare the training kits the night before, however, there is always that one sock or shin ad that disappears! I have baskets under the stairs that are clearly marked ‘shin pads.’ Although they tend not to use this system and would than play the exciting game of find the shin pad each week.

Terry helps out with Tom’s team (Galleywood Eagles Under 14s) while I take Joe to Raven’s Youth under 11s. Both boys train got 1 ½ hours and we are all back under one roof just before midday.


Shin Pads have been placed in the basket and we arrive to training on time.

Finding a huge tin of biscuits in the car (a gift from a school mum) to munch on while waiting for training to finish


Finding the refreshment hut isn’t open!!

Forgetting son’s waterproof coat and its pouring down with rain (leaving me to feel like the worst parent in the world – guilty!)

SUNDAYS: Very rarely do Kick Off times for both games work out that Tel and I get to see both games. More often than not we are opposite sides of Chelmsford with a similar KO time! Although we do manage to keep in touch via WhatsApp for the scores.


Winning of course (although some would say it’s the taking part that counts)

The club house give access to hot tea, chocolate, biscuits, bacon sandwiches. Yummy


Not wearing enough layers…extra socks is a must…and a coat with a hood is much easier to manage in the wind than an umbrella.

Losing! It is never fun to lose but I try and encourage the boys to do their best, have fun and if you lose you learn from it because tomorrow’s another day!