How to make a Christingle Candle


How to make a Christingle candle



To make your own Christingle you will need:
•oranges (I used clementines as I was making mini ones)
•candles (birthday candles were the perfect size)
•red ribbon
•two cocktail sticks (cut in half)
•selection of raisins/fruit/sweets


Christingle means 'Christ's Light' and it is a symbol of the Christian faith. Lots of churches hold Christingle services, usually either the Sunday before Christmas or on Christmas Eve.

The meaning of each part of the Christingle:


The orange represents the World
The ribbon represents Gods love wrapped around the world. It also stands for the blood Christ shed on the cross.


The 4 sticks with dried fruit represents God’s creations and the four seasons.


The candle represents Jesus the light of the world.