In 2015 over a glass of wine me and my sister dreamt up an idea, it was her idea if I’m honest (but I’d never admit that to her,) that we could run pre-school classes that prepare children for school, that teach letters and sounds and develop skills for early reading and writing and that, above anything else are FUN!!!! She could write a syllabus for our new business and I could and use my business expertise to advertise and market the classes. We chatted about it, laughed about it and then eventually ended our drink and that was that. Until the next day when she said to me, shall we do it? What’s the worst that could happen? And we’ve never looked back!

Our first ever class

It was a huge leap of faith, and I was totally nervous to trial our first ever class but the feedback we got was unbelievable. People were asking us if they could sign up then and there so we made a quick decision to launch classes officially and before we knew it all our classes were full. Facebook was going mad with people asking us to open up in various locations and we couldn’t believe it. We were just two mums trying to make a business that meant we could spend time with our own children whilst doing something that we loved!

One year down the line, we were running in ten different locations and we took a step back to see how we were going to grow this business and it was obvious from the beginning that franchising was the best way forward. So in January 2016 three pilot franchises of Sounds Right Phonics Launched and since that we have taken on a further 7 franchises across the UK and are looking forward to building our business even more in 2018!


When I look back over the past two years I can’t believe how much has changed! We are just two mums, working out of a room in my house (we’re next door but one neighbours too so it’s convenient for both of us!) getting to do a job that we love, and spending more time with our children! Even better than that is we are now spreading the word to other mums that they can join our team, and make sure they have the right work life balance too! But I honestly believe if you are passionate and determined you can achieve anything.